CHI 2020 Workshop: Rethinking Mental Health Resources

Several members of the PITCH lab will be leading a workshop at CHI 2020 on mental health resources. In this workshop, we will examine a constellation of digital and non-digital mental health support resources. We will discuss the needs and practices of individuals managing mental illness, how these needs relate to future ecosystems of technologies and services, and the potentials and repercussions of current technologies.

If you are interested in participating, submit a 2-4 page position paper (including references) as a pdf using the CHI Extended Abstracts format. Submit by emailing by 5 pm CST on February 11th 2020.

For more information on discussion topics and the application process, please visit:

We hope to see you there!

Eleanor R. Burgess, Northwestern University
Sindhu Kiranmai Ernala, Georgia Tech
Alice Renwen Zhang, Northwestern University
Jessica L. Feuston, Northwestern University
Stephen Schueller, UC Irvine
Madhu C. Reddy, Northwestern University
Munmun De Choudhury, Georgia Tech
Adrian Aguilera, UC Berkeley
Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research AI