User Engagement with Mental Health Apps and Health Outcomes

Project Lead: Alice Zhang

Collaborators: CBITs

Mobile technology has become a crucial medium for delivering health interventions and supporting behavior change. IntelliCare is a suite of 13 mobile apps targeting depression and anxiety developed by CBITS. A field trial and a randomized controlled trial (RCT) have been conducted since 2016 to evaluate the efficacy of InteliCare. We conducted semi-structured interviews with IntelliCare users to understand how they used and adapted these apps to attain their goals. Additionally, we drew on system usage data to analyze how different patterns of use predicted improvement in depression and anxiety.

Exploring how the homeless youth experience trust and community to better aid their connections to mental health resources

Project Lead: Angela Smith

Collaborators: CBITs

As part of the Delany Grant, we, along with CBITS, are looking to develop an enhanced understanding of the relationship among the mental health needs of homeless youth, their experiences about trusting others as well as technology, and their use and satisfaction with one form of support (health services). This research study will examine the attitudes of homeless youth and better understand their connections with others to inform technological tools to facilitate connection and improve health. We hope these groups will inform efforts to improve the health and mental health of homeless youth through digital tools and resources.