The PITCH Lab had an unprecedented 83.3% acceptance rate to CHI 2020;  five papers were accepted during one of the toughest reviews yet. The overall acceptance rate was only 24.3% (Post-Program Committee Update, Dec 2019). Congrats to all our lab members who worked hard and earned their acceptance!

Here are the accepted CHI 2020 papers:

  1. Eschler, J., Burgess, E.R., Reddy, M., Mohr, D.C. (2020). Emergent Self-Regulation Practices in Technology and Social Media Use of Individuals Living with Depression.
  2. Kornfield, R., Zhang, R., Nicholas, J., Schueller, S., Cambo, S., Reddy, M., & Mohr, D. (2020). “Energy is a Finite Resource”: Designing technology to support individuals across fluctuating symptoms of depression.
  3. Lattie, E., Kornfield, R., Ringland, K., Zhang, R., Winquist, N., & Reddy, M. (2020). Designing mental health technologies that support the social ecosystem of college students.
  4. Ogbonnaya-Ogburu, Ihudiya F., Smith, Angela D. R., To, Alexandra, & Toyama, Kentaro. Critical Race Theory for HCI.
  5. Walker, A. M., & DeVito, M. A. (2020). “‘More gay’ fits in better”: Intracommunity Power Dynamics and Harms in Online LGBTQ+ Spaces.